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Bankruptcy is a system of federal laws designed to eliminate or consolidate debt in order to provider the debtor a fresh financial start.  Over the years, bankruptcy laws have changed and become even more complex.  It is important you work with an experienced attorney when filing bankruptcy.  The Bankruptcy Company is 100% focused on bankruptcy law and does not practice other areas of law.  Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you get the maximum assistance afforded by the current bankruptcy laws.

There are many different kinds of bankruptcies, called "Chapters", for the various types of debtor situations.  These different debtor types include individuals, married couples, corporations, farmers, municipalities and more.   For most consumers (individuals or married couples) the two types of bankruptcy are:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Debt Elimination)
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (Debt Consolidation)

There are many factors that determine which type of bankruptcy is best for you. It is important you file for the proper type of bankruptcy, which is one of the reasons The Bankruptcy Company offers a FREE Consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer with no further obligation. Our attorneys can advise you of the best course of action for your specific situation.

Don't wait until till it may be too late to seek protection under the bankruptcy law. Schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys and learn how the bankruptcy law applies to your specific situation. Call TBC today at 314-961-9822.


The Bankruptcy Company is a debt relief agency helping people file bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be solely based on advertisements.