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While there are many reasons for people to fall into financial difficulty, and while each person’s situation is somewhat unique, most people in serious financial trouble can obtain a fresh start with either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Click on the links below for examples of how TBC is able to use the protection of the Bankruptcy Laws to stop creditor harassment and provide debt relief for our clients.

Severe financial problems can feel like the end of the road, but bankruptcy can often provide a new beginning. TBC offers a free, confidential consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, so that you can review your complete financial situation and goals, and then discuss your options for dealing with your debts. Don’t lose any more sleep, stop being afraid to answer your phone, and stop having to deprive your family of the things they need – give TBC a call today.

Don't wait until till it may be too late to seek protection under the bankruptcy law. Schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys and learn how the bankruptcy law applies to your specific situation. Call TBC today at 314-961-9822


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