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Stop Creditor Harassment

Most people who are in debt experience harassment from creditors and collection agencies. At TBC, we regularly hear from our clients that once they have hired TBC to represent them in their bankruptcies, the harassing calls and letters stop. Although a few creditors may continue trying to collect the debt, the vast majority respect TBC’s reputation and leave our clients alone. And TBC has effective legal methods of stopping any continued harassment, often obtaining financial penalties from the offending creditor for the client. Here are a few stories showing how TBC effectively stopped creditor harassment for our clients. Their names have been changed, but their situations were absolutely real.

Bill & Ethel´s Story
Sam & Sheila´s Story
Anna Story
Peter & Debbie´s Story

Bill & Ethel´s Problem:
Bill & Ethel had filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy through TBC. The case discharged all of their debts and was closed. At that point, one of their creditors began harassing them again, in an effort to collect on a debt that had been discharged.

TBC´s Solution:
Bill & Ethel notified us of the problem, and we contacted the creditor to “remind” them that the debt had been discharged in bankruptcy. Usually this is all it takes to stop the calls, but in this case, the harassment continued. TBC took the matter to Court. Before the Court date, the creditor agreed to pay $750 in damages to Bill & Ethel, for having violated the law protecting them, and promised to stop contacting them. Even though Bill & Ethel´s case had been closed, they did not have to pay any more fees to TBC for our extra work, as in these cases the creditors are at fault and so our attorneys fees are part of the judgment or settlement amount paid by the creditors.

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Sam & Sheila´s Problem:
Sam & Sheila filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy through TBC, surrendering the house that they could no longer afford. However, their mortgage company continued to contact them to demand payment for the surrendered house.

TBC´s Solution:
TBC contacted the mortgage company several times to demand that the harassment stop, as the clients were under the protection of their bankruptcy. Normally this is enough to stop harassment; but not in this case. When the calls continued, TBC went to Court, and the Judge ordered the mortgage company to pay $1,150 in sanctions to Sam & Sheila, plus TBC´s attorneys fees for having to bring the matter to Court.

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Anna´s Problem:
Anna had gotten several months behind on her mortgage payments. She also had approximately $22,000 in unsecured debt and her creditors were becoming increasingly aggressive.

TBC´s Solution:
Lori came to TBC and filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that immediately stopped her creditors from harassing her. When her bankruptcy was completed, she had become current on her mortgage and eliminated all of her unsecured debt.

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Peter & Debbie’s Problem:
Peter & Debbie had two mortgages, about $8,000 in medical bills and $37,000 in credit card debt. They were several months behind on their vehicle payments. Their creditors were harassing them daily, even calling them at work.

TBC´s Solution:
Peter & Debbie met with a TBC attorney, who determined that their income was too high for them to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. They decided to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead, stopping the creditor harassment and allowing them to catch up on their vehicle payments and pay off their remaining bills in full over a 5-year period. The Chapter 13 also reduced the interest rate on their car payments.

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