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The idea of filing bankruptcy can be a frightening proposition for many people, and yet it can truly be the very thing that ends the fear, anxiety, worry and stress many people live with everyday under financial burden.

When the bankruptcy law changed in 2005, many people wondered if filing personal bankruptcy would still be possible. The Bankruptcy Company (TBC) is proud to say that our clients have still enjoyed the same debt settlement success they did before the law changed. At TBC, we work hard to ensure your life gets back on track and you are released from the strife of financial burden!

Filing Personal Bankruptcy

Filing personal bankruptcy stops creditor phone calls, foreclosure, garnishments and repossessions while protecting assets such as retirement savings. With so much at risk, it is important that your bankruptcy be filed properly. Some people try to file bankruptcy on their own and end up not receiving the full benefits of bankruptcy. There are just as many risks of using a cheap bankruptcy filer. In fact, our bankruptcy attorneys see mistakes like this nearly every day in bankruptcy court.

At TBC, we focus exclusively on bankruptcy law. We believe our advantage makes a difference in protecting your financial interests. Our mission is to provide fast, friendly and affordable debt relief to our clients and ensure they receive the full benefit and protection of bankruptcy debt relief.

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